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  Stubborn STU-0028
Anywhere I Roam  King Django
Anywhere I Roam CD (Deluxe Edition)

Stubborn Records, now the longest-standing American ska & reggae label, is very proud to present King Django’s latest and eagerly anticipated release-- a star-studded collection of “back-to-the-roots” rocksteady, early reggae, roots reggae, rub-a-dub and ska sounds presented in a deluxe edition with a 4-panel digipack and 18-panel poster!!!

With an international cast of collaborators, the old-school champion powerhouse who brought you Stubborn All-Stars and Skinnerbox and founded Stubborn Records and Version City Studio is in top form on this 2012 full-length. All new versions, new mixes, all previously unreleased on CD.

Track Listing:

1. You Said You Love Me
2. Aiming (with Obi Fernandez and the Void Union)
3. Anywhere I Roam (with the Forthrights)
4. Career Opportunities
5. Do You Really Love Me (with the Scrucialists)
6. Hey Gyal (with Motha Nature and Regatta 69)
7. Did I Do That? (with Soul Captives)
8. Where Can I Go? (with PASO)
9. Do It Right, Do It Some More (with Mr. T-Bone and Soul Captives)
10. One Finger (with Soul Syndicate)
11. SF Headication Freestyle (with Soul Captives)
12. Every Breath You Take

In Django’s own words: “This album of collaborations with a huge cast of my talented friends was assembled from recordings made over many years in many different and far-flung studios, most of it done in chunks with no set agenda. I later assembled and finished it at my home base, Version City. Working on it brought back many wonderful memories of my travels over the years and of the very interesting, kind-hearted, generous and warm characters with whom I have had the privilege of creating these tracks. Many of these fine folks have taken me into their homes, and many of them have spent considerable time here at Version City as well. They are all certainly my friends for life, and we have all been united by our love of music, especially the classic sounds of Jamaica. May our love of good people, good music and words of positivity, upliftment and encouragement reach across to you through these sounds; I hope you enjoy listening to these tunes as much as we enjoyed creating them especially for you.”

Weight7.00 oz
Price: $ 12.00

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