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Victor Rice: Dub Discoveries From Version City (CD)

Victor Rice: Dub Discoveries From Version City (CD)

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Proudly presented in a special 4-panel wallet with a 4-panel booklet, 13 hot new dubs at the hands of Victor Rice upon his return to Version City, the studio where he got his start!

In honor of the Stubborn Records label's 20th Anniversary year (1992-2012), internationally acclaimed engineer/bassist Victor Rice and label & (Version City) studio owner King Django (a highly acclaimed musician and bandleader in his own right) combed through the studio and label archives, carefully selecting 13 wicked tracks for fresh dubwise treatment in a special week of sessions, strictly for YOU! From rocksteady to early "skinhead" reggae, roots reggae and dancehall styles, every tune becomes new through Victor's trademark groovy, psychedelic dub mix styles.

Features thoroughly re-worked versions of beloved favorites from the likes of Stubborn All-Stars, Westbound Train, Rocker-T., The Radiation Kings, King Django and others, including a never-before-released track from Victor himself.

1. New Batch Dub Original: Stubborn All-Stars “Back With a New Batch” from “Back With a New Batch” CD, 1997
2. NYC Dub Original: The Radiation Kings “NYC Blues” from “Early Years” CD, 1999
3. Brother Dub Original: Victor Rice “Brother” from “At Version City” CD, 1999
4. Carlene Dub Original: Westbound Train “Carlene” from “Searching for a Melody” CD, 2004
5. I - Story Dub Original: Rocker-T. “I-Story Lession” from “Nicer By the Hour” CD, 1999
6. FCC Dub Original: Victor Rice “FCC” from “At Version City” CD, 1999
7. Seven Dub Original: Da Whole Thing “Seven” from “At Version City”, 1998
8. Dub Season Original: King Django “Nex Seson” from “Reason” CD, 2000
9. Roll Down Dub Original: Coldspot 8 “Roll Down the River” from “Get On High” CD, 2006
10. Krishna Dub Original: Victor Rice unreleased recording circa 1998
11. Dub All Over Original: Hyphen One “Lead All Over” from “The First Letter” CD, 2007
12. Rockin' Dubbin' Original: King Django “Rock and Come In” (featuring Dr Ring Ding) from “Roots Tonic” CD, 2005
13. You Said Dub Original: King Django “You Said You Love Me” from “Be All Mine” 7-inch single B-side, 2008

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