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Unlikely Alibi: At the Ready (CD)

Unlikely Alibi: At the Ready (CD)

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Hailing from Fort Wayne, Indiana and led by former Heavy Step member Todd Roth, Unlikely Alibi put forth an intensely creative and highly-developed sound. Elements of traditional ska, 2-tone, third wave, reggae, dub and are fused together in an exceptionally intelligent and thoughtful pop-rock framework with simply wonderful arrangements.

Mixed and mastered and partially recorded by King Django at Version City.

Beatuiful 8-panel fold-out digipack.

Track Listing:
1. Dancin' on Coals
2. Pretend
3. Between Us
4. Do It All Over
5. We Can't
6. In Your Eyes
7. What I Want
8. Everything My Way
9. Say It Again
10. Walk Out
11. Colder
12. Highly Unlikely

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