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Hub City Stompers: Ska Ska Black Sheep (CD)

Hub City Stompers: Ska Ska Black Sheep (CD)

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If you don't know by now, Hub City Stompers are kings of the NJ ska scene and a force to be reckoned with on the east coast in general.

Frontman and chief songwriter Travis Nelson, formerly of skinhead ska heroes Inspecter 7, has an uncanny knack of fusing clever, witty, even hysterically funny lyrics about often very serious subjects with super catchy melodies. HCS have a truly unique sound built mainly off of 2-Tone, old-school hardcore punk rock and Jamaican flavors. This is skinhead hooligan party ska punk rock at its finest.

Ska Ska Black Sheep, their first Stubborn Records release, features 6 new originals and 6 mind-bending dub mixes of tracks from their previous outings.

Track listing: 1. Ska Ska Black Sheep
2. Where's My Hooligans?
3. Clutch Tango
4. New Tattoo
5. Tip Your Bartender
6. Ska Train to Dorkville
7. Chatterdub
8. Everydub
9. I've Got a Melodica
10. Dub of 3
11. Dubhead Boi
12. Nuni Pon Session

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