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CD (Japanese Import): Vic Ruggiero - Hamburguru

CD (Japanese Import): Vic Ruggiero - Hamburguru

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Solo album from Vic Ruggiero, lead singer/organist for The Slackers!
 Japanese release recorded and mixed by King Django at Version City
An early glimpse of Vic's one-man-band style, with him singing and playing guitar and drums simultaneously and skillfully!
The tunes are really catchy, and, of course, extremely well-written.
Vic's lyrics are as clever as ever, and his voice soars and really comes through on this CD.
It ranges from cute, to rockin', to sentimental, putting a smile on your face all the while. 

Track list: 

1. New Jersey Story 
2. Don't Wanna 
3. Innocent Girl 
4. Lies 
5. California 
6. Clandestine 
7. Lonely Nites 
8. Oklahoma 
9. Sleepy and Sad 
10. Born to Suffer 
11. Ballad of Hospital 
12. Slugs

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